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Hi I am Terry and I chose the name of my Blog site ‘Reviewing Life Experiences’ because I really want to share with you my thoughts, ideas and experiences in life. I am guessing that you are very much like me where you head is a warehouse of thoughts and experiences that you want to share too. Now you have an opportunity by commenting and adding you thoughts and experiences on my site, so sit down, relax and enjoy. Take time to add you comments here and share with other readers.

Oh you may be wondering why is called Reviewing Life Experiences! I don’t just want to talk about my experiences I also want to talk about the impact they have had on me. I like to give my experiences star rating too, if I think the experience was absolutely negative or rubbish I would probably give it one star. If the experience was brilliant and life changing I would give it five stars. Are you getting my drift? Great! When you add a comment of if you can empathise then why not give it a star rating yourself? I am looking forward to sharing stories and ideas with but I am even more excited about you sharing your thoughts too.

“Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.” Terry Pratchett

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