Brexit – No Leaving Party

Today should have been Brexit leaving day on the 29-03-19 and there is no leaving party, so where are we? Well we are still in the European Union and no further with getting a deal than we were two years ago when article 50 was actioned by Teresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

What is the Problem?

What is the problem? Well the biggest problem from what I understand is that that some of our elected politicians want a clean break from the EU with a ‘No deal Brexit’ others want assurances that the EU will not have indirect control of the U.K through the border with Northern and Southern Ireland. Other politicians want to leave the EU but still have a trading agreement and again other Politicians don’t want brexit at all.

What about the people of the UK?

The people in the U.K are also split about Brexit. In the original question we were asked “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” The results where not overwhelming one way or the other with 52% voting to leave and 48% voted to remain. though this was one of the largest turnouts to vote on anything in the UK the margin between the two were very close.

What were the motivating factors for the way people voted?

What were the motivating factors for the way people voted? I can only talk about my own personal experience and observations from when chatting with people. From what I could tell from people I spoke to was their concern over immigration. There was a big issue with people coming to the UK and taking jobs, using our resources, getting GP and hospital treatment. This fear was fed by political parties with an agenda. I use the word fear as we were shown pictures of all these immigrants queuing up at our borders waiting to ‘invade’ the U.K and overwhelm us. a scheme used by Donald Trump to justify his wall on the Mexico border.

We were promised by Boris Johnson and others that the money we spent on the Eu would be taken back and used for the NHS. The promise was £350 per week for the NHS. This money disappeared the day after the vote to leave was taken. I can understand people wanting to use money for such a good cause but those who said these things were lying and knew they could not deliver these promises.

The thing that people didn’t consider was that even if that money was given to to the NHS where would the hospitals find the staff to care for the people from? You can find very easily on Parliamentary websites how the NHS is made up. In 2016 9.7% of GP’s in this country were made up of EU Citizens where 6.8% were nurses. There has now been a big trend of these people leaving the NHs since the referendum and not being replaced by U.K Citizens.

Disaster waiting to happen

Since the referendum to leave the EU there has been a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t think many people honestly thought this would be easy. Brexit has been used as a party political football kicked around the Houses of Parliament instead of everyone within parliament working together for the best of the country and not the their own party. No one can deny that this has been a disaster from beginning to end. Leaving this country uncertain of not only of when we will leave but who will lead the country in this process. It looks like in the coming weeks we will have a new Prime Minister, or even a new Government.

Why did I vote the way I did and how do I feel?

On Thursday 29th June 2016 I went out to vote on remaining in the EU and I was bitterly disappointed that the vote was to leave. I felt low and desperate for many weeks. I was hoping to find a near Irish blood relative so I could claim EU citizenship.

Why did I vote to remain? because I felt more comfortable and trusted the decisions that were coming out of the EU than i did from our own government. I have great concerns about workers right and about human rights. It does say something about me that i don’t have trust in decisions made back at home but looking at how Brexit has been handled by our leaders and how they have used as a political football and not the good of the country i still have no good reason to trust our leaders.

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